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The Clean Cut: What does love mean? 4-year-old girl with severe medical condition brings mom to tear
In a video thats gone viral, young Leah, 4, who has severe congenital neutropenia since 2014, says God is love. - photo by Herb Scribner
A little girl has brought the nation, and her mother, to tears.

In a video thats gone viral since it was posted one week ago, young Leah, 4, who has severe congenital neutropenia, answered a slew of questions from her mom, Lindsay Carroll. The questions included what her favorite food is (yogurt), who her best friend is (Caleb) and what her favorite animals are (tigers). Her biggest fear? Also tigers.

Favorite place to visit? Target.

Favorite movie or show? Wizard of Oz.

What she wants to be when she grows up? Mermaid.

But the most heartwarming moment came at the 2:45 mark in the video when her mom asked a simple question: What does love mean?

Leahs answer: God.

Thats beautiful, her mom responded, noticeably crying on the video. You just blew me away.

When Leah says she doesnt understand why her mom is crying and tries to continue sharing other favorites, Carroll says, You just blew me away with that answer. You said God. God is love. Oh my word.

Watch the video that has more than 17 million views here.

This isnt the first time Leah has warmed the hearts of the country. According to USA Today, the girl captured attention earlier this month when she sang and danced to Overcomer by Mandisa. The video received more than 34 million views on Facebook.