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This company makes it easier for your family to help you buy a home
The Family Building society is a place for families to help each other pay for homes. Now, the company is making custom logos for its members. - photo by Herb Scribner
The Family Building Society is a financial organization based in the United Kingdom that's got one goal in mind to help families pay for their family members' mortgages.

The Family Building Society makes it easy for family members, such as grandparents, parents and siblings, to help young homebuyers put a down payment on a home and start their new home life.

To do this, the company compiles monetary gifts from family members and factors them into the house mortgage payments, which keeps monthly payments from rising and allows youngsters to pay for their homes without fail. This video shows how it works.

Since late last year, The Family Building Society has run a campaign aimed at families in which it customizes its own logo to each of its customers by overprinting their customer names, so what was a generic offer becomes specific to each particular family, even down to their own version of the logo.

Here are a few of the images FBS has created as a part of this new family-centered campaign.