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This girl broke up with the guy she was dating in the craziest way and youre going to wish you had
It was supposed to stay secret, but her sister leaked it on Twitter... - photo by Melinda Fox
Breaking up is difficult. Really, is there any right way to reject someone?

We may never know, but we can say there are definitely wrong ways to reject someone and let's be real phrases like, Its not you, its me and Lets just be friends, are so clich it hurts. So how do you show someone that theyre worth more than an unimaginative rejection?

Well, Brigham Young University student, Kirsten Titus figured out how to do just that. After going on a few dates Wyatt Hall, a fellow university student, Titus decided their relationship wasn't going anywhere. I think both of us were starting to feel we were better as friends, Titus told Buzzfeed News. I thought if I was going to end things with him, I wanted to do it in a creative way."

Because when you spend your time together on "creative dates" like planting a cactus on a mountain (so cute!), you can't end the relationship with anything less than top-notch creative flair.

So one Monday night, Titus sent Hall a 21st century mix tape to express her feelings, and here are the titles of the songs:

Do You (Miguel)

Still (Emile Ford & The Checkmates)

Want To (Sugarland)

Kiss Me (Ed Sheeran)

Because (Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess, and Joe Anderson)

I Am (James Arthur)

Kinda Lovin (Trey Songz)

Someone Else (LANY)

But (K. Cero)

We Can Still Be Friends (Anthony Watson)

The list was intended to stay private, but in a classic little sister move, Erika, 14, discovered it and let the world know what happened.

You might think Hall wouldnt take the break up well, but youd be wrong. He said he immediately understood what Titus was communicating through the playlist and he wasnt broken-hearted about it. I thought it was kind of funny honestly, he told Buzzfeed News. According to Hall, he and Titus were never really serious and they plan to remain friends.

But if you're still worried about Hall's heart, we can promise he's doing all right for himself. These days, he getting playlists like this.

So you could say the break up is treating him pretty well.