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Video: Bees invade soccer field ahead of World Cup
The World Cup is only two days away, but the bees cant hold their excitement to see some world class soccer. - photo by Herb Scribner
The World Cup is only two days away, but the bees cant hold back their excitement to see some world-class soccer.

On Saturday, a swarm of bees invaded the pitch during a game between Liga de Portoviejo and Manta FC in Ecuadors second division. The bees flooded the air in the 26th minute of the game at Reales Tamarindos Stadium, according to Mashable.

Players and referees flew to the ground immediately after the bees started to buzz through the stadium.

According to Manta FCs Twitter account, it remains unclear why the bees came to the stadium or what type of bees they were.

Manta FC won the game 3-2.

No one was injured in the invasion, according to The West Australian.

Funny enough, this isnt the first time bees have invaded a sporting event. Similar events happened at a cricket match in South Africa, as this tweet shows.

The World Cup runs June 14-July 15 in Russia.