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What Netflix and chill says about your relationship
Research says that Netflix has a huge impact on your relationship and marriage, but you'll still probably use it anyway. - photo by Herb Scribner
Theres new research that actually puts science behind the idea of Netflix and chill.'

Netflix released a new study this week that found the streaming service has an affect on relationships, mainly found in the ways couples choose movies, share passwords and feel about the product overall.

Specifically, Netflix can affect how people fall for you, how long your relationship lasts and how satisfied you are with your partner.

A relationship isn't just about the act of sitting in front of screen and scrolling through titles, it's about what title you decide to click on, Fast Company reported.

The studys main finding is that people will have better relationship success when they have a good Netflix game, Fast Company reported. The study found that about one in four Americans said they found someone attractive based on what they watched on Netflix.

More so, 27 percent of participants felt that show compatibility was important while seeking a potential partner. Thats probably why a good 58 percent of Americans chose to watch certain shows to attract a potential suitor, the study said.

Netflix, much like an engagement ring, also says something about where couples are going. The study found that 51 percent of couples feel sharing a Netflix password means the relationship is serious. Meanwhile, 17 percent wont share a Netflix password with their significant other unless theyre engaged.

Married couples can be affected by Netflix, too. Most couples (65 percent) will negotiate which shows they want to watch together, where as 35 percent participate in a trade show for show method where partners will switch off their choices.

Regardless of their choice, a good 58 percent said that they bonded with their partner upon watching Netflix.