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A question of pride
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Great Bend City Administrator Howard Partington had a good point to make at the city council meeting Monday, as reported in the Tribune.  Snow removal is not just a safety issue.  It’s a pride issue.  The city ordinance, Section 121.12.02, makes it clear that it is the duty of the owner or the occupant of a property to keep the sidewalks cleared.  But Partington goes on to suggest that those who can should help their neighbors if they are struggling, either from old age or other impediments.  It’s the right thing to do for many reasons.  Not only does it show pride in our community, it shows pride in ourselves.  But even more than that, it speaks to our sense of generosity and our volunteering nature.As much as it feels good to have someone do a good turn for us, it feels equally good to step up and lend a hand.  Young people should help, but in a community that continues to see the median age grow, young is relative.  Anyone who can safely wield a snow shovel or push a snow blower need only take a look up and down their block to see where the need may be.   And the people of Great Bend have shown they have the right spirit through funds raised on Giving Tuesday.  Not only that, a recent study by Wallethub found that the state of Kansas as a whole ranks third in the nation for generosity, and fourth overall for volunteerism.  Partington’s gentle reminder won’t fall on deaf ears.