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BEVERLY HILLS - God Bless America, and how’s everybody?
Magic Johnson’s investor group’s purchase of the L.A. Dodgers Wednesday was front page news on the West Coast. Season tickets sales immediately shot up. He’s just what the Dodgers fans need, a six-foot-nine guard to walk everyone to their cars after the game.
Frank McCourt agreed to sell the Los Angeles Dodgers to Magic Johnson’s investment group for two billion dollars. He had to meet today’s deadline to pay off his divorce settlement. It seems like in every divorce the husband winds up losing the baseball cards.
Germany’s Supreme Court ruled it’s legal for German police to racially profile people as suspects. We know where this ends. Jesse Jackson just issued a travel warning for Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, France and, if nothing is done to stop it, England.
Exxon CEO Ginny Rometty was rumored to have been made Augusta National’s first woman member Friday because as a Masters sponsor, Exxon’s CEO is automatically made a member. The GOP can’t believe their good luck. You know it’s a Republican year when they make a civil rights breakthrough by getting an oil executive into a country club.
British Prime Minister David Cameron called out the army to break the strike by oil tanker drivers. It has pushed gas prices to ten dollars a gallon in Britain. Last night Queen Elizabeth made her husband take the horse-drawn carriage to the 7-Eleven to get the gin.
President Obama proposed tax hikes on oil companies Thursday and more spending on wind and solar energy. There’s a partisan divide on energy. Republicans support oil and Democrats continue to believe that racial outrage is the most reliable source of energy.
Miami High School students walked out Wednesday to protest the racial profiling of young black men in hoodies as likely criminals. The students stormed a Walgreen’s and looted the store. To stress their point, the looters wore windbreakers without hoods.
New York City hosted a huge parade Tuesday to celebrate Greek Independence Day, which is an annual ethnic celebration in Manhattan.
This year was especially festive. America’s cultural ties with Greece grow stronger with each trillion dollars of debt we add.
The Auto Club reported Thursday the national average for the price of a gallon of gas neared four dollars. It’s the twentieth day in a row the price has risen. Gasoline price are so high in Los Angeles that drivers are shooting themselves instead of each other.
Jet Blue passengers subdued a pilot who had a breakdown in mid-air Tuesday. He ran down the aisle screaming about al-Qaeda and Jesus, and begging the passengers to pray for their very lives. He was wrestled to the ground and given a talk show on Fox News.
The Supreme Court debated last week over whether the U.S. government has the right to mandate the purchase of health insurance. GOP reaction was predictable. Rick Santorum said he isn’t opposed to man dates, but marriage is between a man and a woman.
The Supreme Court ended three days of oral arguments on ObamaCare Wednesday without discussing the eligibility panels. They can ration the number of procedures. ObamaCare is like those hospital gowns that tie in the back, you just think you’re covered.
Russia’s Vladimir Putin scheduled a military parade in his own honor at his inauguration in May. As a Soviet spy he was awarded the Order of Lenin and many Red Army medals. It’s believed he’s had rubber facsimiles of his medals made so he can wear them in the tub.