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Barton’s new, ‘fresh’ mission statement
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To the editor,

Barton opened in 1969 with a vision to offer residents in Barton County a local option for obtaining a low-cost education. Looking back more than half a century later, one can see how bountiful that vision has been to Barton County residents, the state of Kansas, and beyond. The college now provides dozens of career and technical education programs in addition to traditional academic offerings. Barton’s 600 partnerships with businesses, government entities, and organizations make it an agile, resourceful institution with relevant programs.

The college is expected by external stakeholders, including its accrediting agency the Higher Learning Commission, to continually and regularly self-reflect on its reason for being. In so doing, Barton undertook a project the past few months to collect feedback from a diverse group of college stakeholders, including students, community members, and employees, to review the current mission to ensure it is still the “north star” that guides all operational aspects of the College.

Using various methods to solicit feedback, including online surveys and interactive listening sessions, the College was able to develop the fresh Mission Statement that was approved in final form at a Board of Trustees meeting on Aug. 24.

The new statement reads “Barton offers exceptional and affordable learning opportunities supporting student, community, and employee needs.”

Mike Johnson,

Chair, Barton Community College Board of Trustees

Great Bend