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Be Kind - We're all in this together
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For the past two weeks, it seems every trip to the grocery store, the post office or a drive-through has been remarkable. It is odd to see shelves bare and businesses closed. Finding everything on the shopping list is a triumph. And yet, the workers restock the shelves, day after day.

The people who are there to serve us have been efficient, calm, friendly and sometimes apologetic.

“Sorry for the inconvenience,” a Dillons employee said as she asked us to forego our cloth shopping bags and allow the store to provide us with clean, new plastic bags at no charge.

Inconvenient? Not at all.

We pushed a cart in from the parking lot, but the same employee said, “Would you like to trade that cart for this one that I have sanitized?” A row of carts had been marked with “clean” placards.

At the post office, the clerk was so friendly and helpful that when she asked, “Would you like to take an online survey about the service you received today?” well, she deserved some praise and we did.

We’ve heard stories that go the other way. There are people who browbeat clerks as if the COVID-19 pandemic was somehow their fault – all part of a conspiracy that shouldn’t be taken at face value. But isn’t it interesting to see who the truly essential workers are?

Here’s hoping that Barton County and all of Kansas can maintain a spirit of kindness.

Tuesday night’s outpouring of joy as people chose to cruise Main Street is also something worth keeping. Those who attended had so much fun that we’ve heard they will resume “dragging Main” at 7 p.m. Saturday, and other nights. As with everything else, we’ve heard a few complaints about the behavior but by far the response has been positive.