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Beware the swamp of neo-left degradation
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To the editor:

Democrat Joe Biden ran on uniting the country and with his unfortunate election proceeded to do just the opposite.

When we object to his radicalism or question the gross incompetence of his administration you can almost imagine the echo of Hillary Clinton and her “basket of deplorables” mumble out of Uncle Joe’s faltering lips.

Using dark money and nebulous undefined terms like equity, climate emergency or racism, the Biden administration attacks his critics as undemocratic while he leads us into the murky swamp of neo-left degradation.

Parents don’t want their children subservient to teachers’ unions or indoctrinated by agenda-driven activists masquerading as teachers.

From the height of Trump era security, hundreds of thousands of unvetted “who knows what” now illegally cross our border in a calculated attempt by democrats to subvert our democracy and are then relocated into our communities without consent.

Biden and his mega rich donors ensconce themselves behind walls and fences for safety but deny the same privilege for our vulnerable nation.

Gregory Bontrager