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Biden admin exacerbates the country’s problems
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To the editor:

Joe Biden, the precipitous increase in fentanyl deaths, Red China and the open border? What do they all have in common? You can’t have one without the others!

Fentanyl was a problem before the Biden presidency, but the negligence, and, some would say, criminal administration border policies have turned a preexisting problem into an existential crisis.

At what point do American citizens demand that the Biden administration perform their constitutional duty to American citizens and protect us from the problems that they precipitated?

Instead, the Biden regime has doubled down on a path that can only be summed up as kinetic maleficence and demonstrably seems to be promoting policies that act against the best interests of the American people, all while being given a pass by an ideologically corrupt mainstream media that engages in blatant pro-administration disinformation.

Gregory Bontrager