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Biden didn’t need 100 days to screw America
Michael Reagan

I can hardly wait to see how President Biden’s second 100 days in office go.

So far he’s ripped up Trump’s successful immigration policy by the roots, stopped work on the wall and created a super-crisis on the Southern border.

He and his masters in Congress are preparing to screw the rich and corporations with higher taxes on incomes and profits.

And because he stupidly agreed with George Stephanopoulos on TV that Vladimir Putin is “a killer,” Putin got mad and recalled Russia’s ambassador.

From day one, when he ordered the Keystone Pipeline to shut down, America’s first figurehead-in-chief has been a total disaster.

Conservatives keep calling the waves of illegal aliens pouring into Texas and swamping our holding facilities “a crisis.”

OK, but it’s exactly what the policies of Biden and immigration extremists invited.

Biden essentially told the illegal migrants and asylum seekers - “Don’t come now. We’re not ready yet. We don’t have enough cages – I mean facilities - for 10,000 unaccompanied kids and we’re still working on your free health care.”

Biden’s blunders at the border have enriched the drug cartels and human traffickers and opened the door for terrorists from around the world.

Besides absurdly blaming the recent immigration invasion on Donald Trump, Biden has spent his first 60 days in office diminishing the Trump administration’s vaccine miracle.

“Operation Warp Speed” cut away years of government red tape and got Big Pharma to produce hundreds of millions of doses in record time.

But Biden is taking credit for the vaccine like he and Kamala whipped it up last summer in his basement bunker.

You know what Biden’s biggest accomplishment in the war against Covid-19 is so far?

Calling up Moderna and Pfizer and saying we need a couple hundred million more doses of your vaccines.

Meanwhile, what Biden said about Putin to Stephanopoulos was incredibly dumb, even for a president.

He obviously didn’t have a note card with the diplomatically correct answer printed on it in caps for him to read.

So, thinking on his feet, the president did some quick knee-jerk Democrat virtue-signaling: Because President Trump never called Putin a killer, Biden figured he had to.

What good did it do for the country for Biden to say Putin was a killer – even if he is one? No good at all.

Ronald Reagan got grief for calling the Soviet Union an “Evil Empire,” which it was.

But my father didn’t call Mikhail Gorbachev a killer – and FDR and Truman didn’t call Stalin a mass murderer -- because once you do that, there’s no way you can sit down with the guy at a summit conference.

After five years the Democrats and half the liberal media still can’t let go of their twin devils, Putin and Russia.  

Despite zero proof, they still act like Russian meddling in our elections was something new that Trump somehow invented to steal the White House from Hillary.

But anyone with a history book knows Moscow’s been spying on us and messing with our elections forever.

All countries do it to each other, even to their friends. It’s what governments do - and much worse.

During the Cold War our CIA used to kill foreign leaders and topple foreign governments until Congress told them they weren’t allowed to do it anymore.

Do Guatemala, Vietnam and Iran ring a bell? The Bay of Pigs?

What do people think America has been doing in Iraq and Afghanistan for two decades – handing out campaign flyers?

Biden’s not just a lousy diplomat. He’s lousy at history. Like so many these days, he apparently has forgotten a lot of the history he lived through and helped make.

It’s not “Killer” Putin and Russia he should be worrying about, it’s his buddy China.

That’s the Communist hellhole that’s been building up its military, destroying freedom in Hong Kong, spying on Americans, meddling in every corner of the world and putting Muslims in reeducation camps.

If he really thinks poor, weak Russia is still our greatest threat, Biden’s more out of touch than we knew.

Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan. Visit his websites at and Send comments to Follow @reaganworld on Twitter