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Biden’s lost docs and losing war
Michael Reagan

It’s a stretch, but I think I know the real reason the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago.

We’ve been told for months that the DOJ ordered a search of Donald Trump’s home in Florida because he was not turning over a bunch of classified documents to the National Archives fast enough.

Supposedly, the ex-president was violating the Presidential Records Act by hoarding boxes of “Top Secret” documents in his game room and Melania’s closet.

But I believe the raid last August at Mar-a-Lago had less to do with Trump than with the failure of President Biden and his administration to help Ukraine win its war with Russia.

It’s only a wild theory, and I have no proof, and it’ll quickly be disproven by the fact-checking industry, but bear with me:

Not long after Putin sent his tanks rolling across Ukraine’s border in February 2022, President Biden suddenly remembered having read some top secret Pentagon documents in 2014, back when he was Obama’s vice president.

The docs were war plans showing exactly how the United States would use economic sanctions and sophisticated military weapons to help Ukraine defeat Russia in the event of a future ground war.

Suspecting Trump had taken the Pentagon’s top-secret “recipe” for victory in Ukraine home to Florida, Biden ordered the FBI to raid Mar-a-Lago.

When the war plans weren’t found at Trump’s home, Biden told his personal lawyers to search his own homes, offices and garages to see if the plans were among the classified documents Joe had “borrowed” when he was a senator or vice president.

As we now know, lots of “inadvertently misplaced” top secret material of yet unknown importance has been found on various Biden’s properties and a special counsel is on the case.

The key documents Biden was looking for – the plans for winning in Ukraine and bringing about his administration’s ultimate goal, regime change in Russia – never turned up anywhere.

But Biden was really desperate to locate the Pentagon’s war plans.

He apparently asked former Vice President Mike Pence to check if they were among the classified documents he had “misplaced” in his home in Indiana.

And rumor has it that a “Joe Biden” recently went online and asked Amtrak’s Lost and Found department to look for some documents he may have inadvertently left under a seat in the train car he and son Hunter have taken to Washington together a few hundred times.

OK, folks. Joke’s over.

What our commander in chief has done with his mishandling of classified documents is funny, but the way he has handled the war in Ukraine isn’t.

With his drip, drip, drip policy of providing military support to Ukraine, Biden has proven for two years that he doesn’t have the slightest idea what he’s doing – or where he’s going.

Remember when he boasted about imposing strict economic sanctions on Russia after Putin invaded Ukraine?

The sanctions were supposed to crush Russia’s oil-and-gas economy, drastically devalue the ruble and create a popular revolt that would force dictator Putin to resign and be replaced by a Georgy Washington.

Well, so far, not so good.

The ruble’s value is virtually the same as it was last February, Russian oil and gas revenues surged last year and Putin apparently is more popular than ever.

Biden is now doing some things he should have done in 2021 to deter Putin from launching his invasion across the border in the first place – sending Patriot anti-missile batteries and high quality American and German tanks to Ukraine.

But it’s too late. He’s already wasted a year and $100 billion we don’t have on defending Ukraine.

Biden has shown he doesn’t know how to run a country at home or overseas. It’s highly unlikely he could pull it off even if he wanted to, but he needs to come up with a negotiated peace plan soon — before we start sending troops over there and Ukraine becomes our next 20-year war.

Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan, is an author, speaker and president of the Reagan Legacy Foundation. Send comments to and follow @reaganworld on Twitter