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Building a wall is not leadership
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Dear editor,

Does the United States need to build a wall on the US/Mexican border? I am writing this letter to express what causes me the most stress. I believe that we need security and immigration laws but not a nearly 2,000 mile wall. Can you picture a wall from Denver, Colorado, to Miami, Florida?

The President has stated that illegal immigration numbers are down, the most in many years. To me this says that building a wall it is not a national emergency.

My concern is that our country is being unified by creating a common enemy: people from Mexico. I agree there are people who are undesirable that come from Mexico, just as there are home grown individuals who perform terrible acts of violence. All the people from Mexico are not represented by their worst criminals. I believe anyone could make the same case against any nationality.

It is important to look into our own hearts. Throughout our history, fear has caused some horrible mistakes to be made based on bigotry. It is depressing to see the United States on that path.

It surprises me that people think building a wall between countries is how immigration difficulties are solved. The world looks to the United States as a world leader; building a wall is not leadership. Each one of us has an opinion that we believe as truth. Our opinion comes from everything we read, see on TV and what is said. To progress without making costly mistakes, we need to question where our own opinion comes from and be sure of what we believe.

Mary Ann June

Great Bend