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Celebrate the courage of unknown Americans
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To the editor:

I have often wondered what it is about Donald Trump that scares the Democrats so much that they will do anything within their power to destroy him. Their use of agencies such as the FBI and DOJ for political purposes, for example, is horrible and desecrates the memories, bravery and sacrifices of an entire generation of Americans who fought against fascism in The Second World War.

I experienced this bravery and sacrifice first hand. I had an older brother who fought in the South Pacific, a brother-in-law captured by the Japanese in the Philippines and a cousin captured by the Germans in the ETO. Although none of these men was physically injured in combat, they all carried emotional scars that tormented them and their families for the rest of their lives. I saw it. What war did to these very brave men was truly frightening. The sacrifices they made were incredible.

America was built on the backs of people like these; unknown, average Joes who gave everything they had to fight for the freedoms we enjoy. Shame on any of us who forgets these men or who supports the misguided efforts of politicians who are trying to destroy the values that once made us great.

I’d like to honor four of those men here; my brother, Ora McCullough; my brother-in-law, Harold Claude; my cousin, Jimmy Brannon and our local Kansas World War Two War hero, and my good friend, Jim Sharp of Manhattan.

Don McCullough