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Cell phones should be outlawed while driving
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e’ve all been driving down the highway and have seen a vehicle swerving wildly. Suddenly, we see a cell phone hanging out of the driver’s ear-no more explanations needed.
Even though texting has been outlawed in Kansas while driving, teens admit to still doing it, and they are probably not the only ones.
We’ve all watched drivers talking on phones barely miss people on bicycles or pedestrians, passing them by without even noticing them.
While we can’t avoid all driver distractions, talking on the cell phone while driving should be outlawed.
It would be the best medicine, and while medicine isn’t always fun, it is necessary.
Remember, a mere twenty years ago, nobody had a cell phone, and we managed life without it.
We drove to work sans phone, or to the store. Hard to believe.
Sure it’s convenient, but half the time, those calls are about what’s for dinner, and could be handled when the vehicle is stopped.
According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, ten states and Washington D.C. already prohibit handheld cell phones.
Thirty-eight states have banned text messaging.
It would save lives.