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Always searching, sometimes finding

There are those times when something tells you that instead of turning that way, it might be better to turn this way. Have you ever yielded to any of those thoughts? I did once; and I ended on a journey that was amazing, because I saw things I never knew existed; places I had never been and people I had never encountered. I have to admit I also ran into a few dead ends and had to back track a time or two; but for the most part it was a learning experience and rather fun.
I think God invites us to explore; to think and seek out new things; to use our ability to reason, and change for the better. Of course, a person has to be willing to do something different, see some things different, in order to accomplish the change. I also think that is what the basic message of Christianity is; it is all about changing and making new choices, better choices for a better life.
Most of us get ourselves into comfortable ruts, I know I do. I like my ruts, I like my comfort. I want gravy on my mashed potatoes, and slippers on my feet, and everything in order. But we live in a world that isn’t really very orderly; and here lately it seems almost chaotic. There are hurricanes and threats to society; bills to pay and illnesses, and a constant procession of things assaulting our comfortable way of living. Sometimes we ask, why is God doing all this to us?
I think that is the wrong approach, and certainly the wrong question. I honestly think the question should be, why are we doing these things to ourselves? That seems to make more sense.
There have always been hurricanes, and threats, bills and illnesses, and all the other vicissitudes that interrupt our comfort; it is the way it is in this world, and God really can’t be blamed for all of it. Some of the blame lies squarely on our own shoulders; and that is where change comes into the picture. That is where looking in new directions and at new things should be a place to start.
Using our God-given reason, and our ability to think is a powerful tool in exploring how we might change. We might look at our habits and consider if they are really healthy, or not. That might prevent an illness. We could even look at our eating habits; it might not stop a hurricane, but it could loosen the belt a notch or two. God has given us many gifts, and one of the greatest is the ability to think and reason, and change. It may be uncomfortable for a time; but better in the good life we are given to live.

The Rev. George O. Martin is an Ordained Deacon at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 17th and Adams, Great Bend. Send email to