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Bible study group
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I belong to a ladies’ Bible study. We actually do study the scriptures most of the time, and we also pray for different needs and concerns.
It’s a refreshing time.
Of course we drink coffee and enjoy some light refreshments too!
We met at Tilly’s this week. She had warned us beforehand that she had some “gifts” we might be interested in. She had been cleaning out things that had belonged to her parents, her husband’s parents, and so on. She wanted to offer us first choice before these items headed to the second hand stores.
Tilly’s motives are not always the best for us!
I groaned inwardly. I don’t need to haul any more things home.
However, as I have mentioned in previous articles, we often offer our cast-offs to each other for first pick before we carry them in boxes to the next level.
We grabbed a few objects and Tilly felt satisfied. She did want a good home for her stuff.
Then, we migrated to the living room with our Bibles, coffee, and sweet rolls.
We stayed on the subject of how hard it can be to let go of things. Tilly swears that it’s much easier to discard clothes (or anything really) if she can find a good home for them. But otherwise, she has a hard time loading them in a box and hauling them out the door.
Ethyl has no problem saying “bye bye” to her clothes. Her rule is to get rid of the things that she has not worn for two years. Gosh, some of my best gems are at least 10 years old! Well, hurrah for Ethyl! I think “Mmm. I just may need that some day!”
I own a plaid, wool poncho that my mother made for me in 1961. I told the girls that it’s really cool, and it looks like new! I added, “The wool back then was much heavier and rich.” They stared at me, suppressing their amusement while I made up excuses why I was keeping it.
Greta confessed that she has a shirtwaist dress from her early high school days. It is hanging in her storage closet, way to the back. That dress is older than my poncho!
Ethyl interjected, “I hate to change the subject but..” And she told her story.
We couldn’t start our study because one of our group had yet to arrive. But, Tilly shared Isaiah 66:9 while we waited. You might want to read it in several versions. The NLV says that the Lord will not let a nation be born and then not be delivered. He carries out His Plan. He is faithful to finish His work. We conclude that He will not let our nation fall, nor let it’s purpose be destroyed. That’s encouraging. We must all pray for our country.
Soon, Hazel arrived and we caught her up. After pouring her cup of coffee, Hazel shared her story.
It seems that Hazel had taken Tilly’s advice and had gone to the Soma store in Wichita to get professional bra fittings. Let’s say, Hazel is abundantly endowed! A young woman attended to her, and she didn’t know what she was doing. Maybe Hazel felt obligated or intimidated, but she bought the very expensive bras. Hazel then confessed to Tilly that she had mailed them back. They didn’t fit correctly.
We then launched in rapid fire conversation about our “girls.” Each of us took a turn remarking about our “support” and demonstrating how much or how little support we actually have!
Imagine if the guys got together and did this with their parts!
After a while, we decided we didn’t have time for our teaching video, but Hazel shared some good nuggets from the Sunday sermon at her church. Amazingly, their sermons are a series on “stuff” and materialism.
We then shared some needs and prayer concerns. We looked at the clock and decided it was time to pray for these concerns and thank the Lord for the beautiful Fall day as well.
It doesn’t get any better than this.
Judy Tabler is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune and her views don’t necessarily reflect those of the paper. She can be reached at