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Dems fundraising off Benghazi, too
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While the Democratic Party has sent out spokesweasel Debbie Wasserman “I see nothing, I know nothing” Schultz and willing sycophants to shame Republicans into refraining from fundraising over the Benghazi scandal, the Democrats themselves have been doing just that.
Mugging for the press wearing well-rehearsed expressions of sincerity, Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.), “Fundraising off the Benghazi tragedy is despicable and insulting and has no place in the national conversation,” Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, “this has a whiff of politics to it.”, Nancy “Tax cuts are Spending” Pelosi (D-Lunatic Gardens and others are acting high and mighty and holier-than thou while Democrats such as liberal icon Elizabeth Warren are sending out campaign letters asking for money to defend against those horrible Republicans whose Congressional Committee is asking for money to promote investigating the Benghazi cover-up.
This is getting to be very serious, especially with investigative reporter Seymour Hersh credibly linking at least one deadly sarin gas attack in Syria to the Islamist rebels who likely acquired it from Turkey, who in turn may have acquired the ingredients from the U.S. during President Obama’s term.
No one knows for sure. Scientists who tested the Sarin are only certain that the sarin gas that killed a thousand people is not from the stores of the Syrian government.
Theories include the Turks using the gas attack as a false flag operation to compel President Obama to bring U.S. weapons and possibly troops into the fray by blaming the attack on Syrian President Assad.
They almost succeeded.
According to Hersh, scientific testing showed the strain of sarin was not that of the Syrian government and Islamic terrorists al-Nusra acquired Ziyaad Tariq Ahmed, formerly of the Iraqi military, who had “a track record of making mustard gas in Iraq and...[was] implicated in making and using sarin.”
This was one reason President Obama may have decided to sheepishly step back from his macho “Red Line” in Syria. An additional reason may be the possible link of the sarin gas to our own country.
Again, this is all based on one legendary investigating journalist’s reporting and needs a thorough, large scale investigation of each piece of evidence from the sarin gas to the reports of gunrunning by the Obama administration to the terrorists in Syria.
No wonder Democrats are calling the hearings “political” and “a farce.” You’d have all of your cronies screaming the same thing in the press if you could get them to distract reporters from the details of the accusations.
Except you don’t have “cronies”. You have “friends.” Just as you have “plans” and your enemies have “schemes.”
So, what are the Democrats’ plans? To yell and whine in the media that the National Republican Congressional Committee is “scheming” by sending out letters and emails to their “cronies” asking for donations to stop the Democrats from blocking the Benghazi investigation, while the Democrats’ “plan” is to send out emails and letters to the “friends” asking for donations to stop those rascally Republicans.
Obama supporters at the powerful liberal group, People for the American Way, have a uniquely twisted way of excoriating the NRCC for fundraising using Benghazi. Here’s their tortured logic:
“The House GOP’s latest Benghazi investigation is nothing more than the exploitation of the death of four Americans for political gain,” Michael Keegan, the organization’s president, says in the email. “They’re wasting taxpayer money to turn a tragedy into a phony scandal - all to rally their base and raise election funds.”
“Only by mobilizing and turning out enough progressive votes will we be able to prevent these extremists from winning control of the U.S. Senate and taking even more power on Election Day,” Keegan continues. “That means we need your renewal contribution right now.”
Brilliant! Because the other guys are monsters for asking for donations to keep the Benghazi investigation going and “become a Benghazi Watchdog”, “we need your renewal contribution right now.”
Those are the twisted minds of the same party that also collected money and mined peoples’ data using the Boston Marathon Bombing, Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy and posted American Soldiers’ coffins on the DCCC website.
I guess they don’t care that they’ve been busted.
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