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Don't be SAD you missed Valentine's Day -- Thacker
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Was yesterday a holiday or something? Many of my friends — even those in relationships — took some time out Monday to gripe about Valentine’s Day.

Either they don’t care about flowers, or they were tired of seeing other people receive them.

Some thought there’s too much candy out there already.

They make a point; according to, the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index reported 63.1 percent of U.S. adults were overweight or obese in 2009.

Then there are people who hate holidays that were supposedly created simply for the purpose of selling flowers and greeting cards.

That seems to be the focus for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, not to mention Boss’s Day and Secretary’s Day.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with V-Day, and I don’t hold a grudge against people who are in love.

I’m happy for them, and I certainly don’t mind if businesses that sell flowers, candy, cards or stuff that seems to have nothing to do with romance in any shape or form can make some bucks.

Today is supposedly a "holiday," too: Singles Awareness Day.

Who thought that one up?

If you believe the Internet, Trevor Mcwanda from the American Dialect Society created SAD as a joke in 2005, and is also the person credited with naming the day after Thanksgiving "Black Friday" back in 1966.

I’m still working on verifying this. I did try to telephone and e-mail someone at the American Dialect Society on Monday, but so far there’s been no response.

The ADS is real; according to its website, it was created in 1889 and lists new words as they emerge. (The top new word for 2010 was "app.") SAD also has a website, copyrighted in 2005.

According to this site, the alternative to Valentine’s Day "is the day that all of the single people can proudly stand up and show that it is OK to be single!"


Don’t bother sending me a card, since it’s too late. (It’s never too late to send flowers or chocolate, however.)

On to other topics, the next holidays on my calendar are Mardi Gras on March 8, followed by Ash Wednesday on March 9.

While fasting for Lent is not a regular practice for me, this year I’ve decided to refrain from drinking diet sodas for six weeks.

For years studies have shown diet soda can lead to weight gain, and now a new study shows people who drink it daily are at a greater risk of stroke.

So, I’m hoping six weeks will be the end of a bad habit. If not, I’ll be guzzling soda with my chocolate Easter bunnies.

(Susan Thacker is a reporter at the Great Bend Tribune. E-mail her at )