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Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest
Making Sense
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Where does the Obama Administration find these people?
How did Marie Harf - the deputy spokesperson for the State Department’s Bureau of Public Affairs - get her job?
On Monday she provided the latest proof that Barack Obama and the people he’s surrounded himself with are not just dangerously incompetent, they’re idiots.
Appearing on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” Harf said the best way to fight Islamic terrorism is not with guns and bombs but with job programs.
That’s right.
After watching barbaric ISIS armies sweeping across the deserts of the Middle East and slaughtering innocents by the thousands for purely religious reasons, the Obama administration apparently thinks one of the root causes that lead people to join terrorist groups is a lack of good job opportunities.
Harf was being dumb, but she was completely serious.
“We cannot kill our way of this war” against terror, she said, adding that “there is no easy solution in the long term to preventing and combating Islamic extremism.”
Harf says the Obama administration thinks that while America and its allies deal with the terrorists militarily we should be building up the broken economies of Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc., etc.
That way, according to Obama Foreign Policy Logic, the religious fanatics who sign up to kill and die for ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups would be given more civilized career choices.
Instead of beheading or incinerating innocent people merely for being Jewish or Christian, they could flip burgers at the Baghdad McDonalds, work on an Exxon oil rig or become a community organizer in Mosul.
Harf’s naive comments betray the third-rate quality of Obama’s “Dumb and Dumber” White House staff, who prove the legitimacy of the Peter Principle every day.
America has become the laughing stock of the world because of statements like Harf’s.
But at least she used the correct term “Islamic extremism” to describe what ISIS and its terrorist soldiers are practicing and what we are fighting against.
Obama’s stubborn refusal to acknowledge that reality is perverse.
It makes you want to grab him by the scruff of his neck, look him in the eye and tell him, “Repeat after me: 21 Coptic Christians - not ‘21 Egyptian citizens’ -- were beheaded in Libya by radical Islamist terrorists for religious reasons.”
When he gets that right, I’d tell him to repeat after me:
“Those four Jews murdered in a kosher deli in Paris were not just ‘a bunch of folks’ who were ‘randomly’ shot,” as you put it before you were forced to describe it more accurately. “They were targeted by a Islamic terrorist because they were Jews.”
Attorney General Eric Holder thinks it doesn’t matter whether his boss calls terrorists “vicious, violent zealots,” which Obama has said, or “radical Islamist terrorists,” which he won’t say.
Holder knocked Fox News Tuesday for its crusade to get Obama to use the accurate term, saying that the president’s military deeds speak louder - and are more important -- than his words.
Yeah, Eric, that sure makes sense. It’d be kinda like FDR constantly referring to the Nazi Party as “an overly aggressive political club” while we bombed Germany in 1944.
The crazy thing is, this administration actually uses tougher language on Fox News than it does on radical Islam.
Fox News and conservatives are not the only one criticizing Obama for refusing to link the terrorism war with its religious roots, however.
Democrat Leon Panetta, his former Secretary of Defense, and sensible world leaders have called for more truthful talk from President Obama.
OK, Mr. President. I’ll give you this: We’re not in a war against the religion of Islam.
But repeat after me:
“We’re in a Holy War being waged by radical Islamic terrorists who want to form their own oppressive Caliphate across the Middle East.
“They are out to murder Christians, Jews and anyone else who doesn’t believe in their evil, fundamental strain of Islam.”
Please figure this out quickly, Mr. President. We may not have another two years.
Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant. Visit his websites at and Send comments to Follow @reaganworld on Twitter