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Hillary and Co. should chill
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My message to certain Democrats, starting with Hillary Clinton: Don’t go away mad, just go away.
Harsh as that seems, the nation’s progressive-minded citizens have enough on their hands with Donald Trump in the White House and Republicans in control on Capitol Hill. We don’t need to re-litigate - to use a currently fashionable cable-news term - the 2016 election and its related frustrations.
I dread seeing Clinton plugging her new book and reliving how Trump creeped her out by saddling up behind her in a debate; how Russians spoiled her chances; how James Comey botched public statements about her emails, and how the Electoral College needs to be scrapped. Enough!
We’ve also had our fill of Bill Clinton, who teamed with his wife to ruin what should have been one of the easiest election victories in decades. His meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch while Hillary’s email procedures were under investigation proved devastatingly dumb.
The Clintons deserve prominent places in history but, for now, nothing they say or do can help unite Democrats or speed the election of a different president.
Also on my no-fly list is Donna Brazile, the disgraced former Democratic National Committee leader, who foolishly used her contacts at CNN to get a debate question in advance for Mrs. Clinton. Why the party continues to allow Brazile to send out official emails is beyond me.
Recently, Brazile wrote: “I don’t have to tell you that Donald Trump has zero credibility when it comes to protecting our rights or the integrity of our elections.” This from someone who cheated in an election campaign.
We’ve also heard enough from Brazile’s predecessor Debbie WassermanSchultz, who blatantly tried to steer the nomination away from Bernie Sanders by scheduling debates at unpopular times and loading convention committees with Clinton supporters, to name but two of her indiscretions. The Florida congresswoman needs to no longer be seen or heard.
So, too, California Senator Diane Feinstein, who was booed by her own Democratic supporters recently for saying that Trump “can be a good president” if he can “learn and change.” Although Trump made a surprising decision to side with Democrats on dealing with the debt, stating that he can be a “good” chief executive is like saying David Duke can be a good Sunday school teacher.
There are others, but it’s really Hillary Clinton who has most worn out her welcome and exhausted us all. In her book, “What Happened,” Clinton takes the blame for her stunning election defeat, but then criticizes just about everyone and everything, from Joe Biden to The New York Times.
Just as dislike for Clinton helped galvanize Trump voters last November, hearing her now on countless interviews to plug her book will only serve to convince Republicans that they were right to support a deeply flawed candidate.
It’s too bad Hillary Clinton didn’t do her country a service by waiting longer to cash in with a book. The least she can do now is show restraint in flogging it, while the rest of us try to figure out a way to make the presidency great again.

Peter Funt is a writer and speaker.