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Ideology and the Men of Reason
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Ideology is such an abomination, President Obama rages against those he believes are guided by different ideas of governance.
Campaigning for now-Governor Terry McAuliffe, who is the subject of two federal investigations and an unindicted investor in an illegal scheme to profit from fraudulent life insurance policies on the lives of dying people, the President lambasted “extreme” Republicans whose ideology prevented Democrats from moving forward with their agenda of greater government control of Americans’ lives.
This fearsome ideology or worldview is one of limited government - fiscally responsible government spending and a country wherein the government is controlled by the citizens, not bureaucrats and elected elites. This is diametrically opposed to today’s Democratic Party and as such is a dangerous ideology.
Evidence includes the President expanding the NSA spying to include all Americans’ electronic communications, spying on journalists, pushing through a government-controlled health care scheme without input or votes from the Republican Party and using the I.R.S. to limit the free speech of those with opposing policy views.
Lambasting ideology wasn’t the President’s sole admonishment. He specifically called out Tea Party Republicans for shutting down the government, saying, “There are very real consequences when you operate ideologically the way some of these folks do.”
Harry Reid is likely smirking right now, knowing full well that he and the President were equally responsible for the shutdown by refusing to negotiate with Republicans, thus pushing through their own ideological platform.
The President isn’t really against anyone having an ideology. He simply sees opposing worldviews as “ideological” while he describes his own worldview as “reasonable.”
That’s why he had two meltdowns during meetings with Benjamin Netanyahu recently. He couldn’t understand why the Israeli Prime Minister didn’t agree with his own brilliant reasoning for redrawing Israel’s borders. The Israeli’s “ideology” didn’t succumb to Obama’s “reason.” So you can understand why the President abruptly left the room ... on two separate occasions. These were not temper tantrums. They were understandable reactions to intractable ideology.
President Obama’s reasoned worldview is that government can solve everyone’s problems. Yes, we know he has said in public speeches that he doesn’t believe government can solve everyone’s problems. His pants have been on fire for many more falsehoods than that. His actions speak louder: the failed stimulus that would bring us the summer of a million jobs, cash for clunkers, the green energy schemes that brought us multimillion dollar bankruptcies, bundled campaign money and more unemployment for all.
As Joe Wilson so truthfully pointed out, “You lie.”
And Obama has good reason to lie. Those ideologues on the right would be proven correct on so many facts about Obamacare that it might not stand up to reason.
The Unaffordable Care Act itself is ideology. It’s based on a worldview that government can take care of people better than they themselves can. People don’t make good decisions on their own. They need someone to make these decisions for them.
When cancer patient Edie Littlefield Sudby’s perfectly good insurance policy was cancelled due to Obamacare, the administration blamed her, saying she made a bad choice. Her only choice was an Obamacare policy that does not cover her cancer doctors. This is a very big deal to the stage 4 gallbladder cancer survivor whose doctors have succeeded in keeping her alive for two years more than most.
The Commander in Chief of Reason marches on. He must not let ideologues slow us.
Obama and his aides now say your “crummy” insurance policy is the only one that will be cancelled. And who decides if it’s crummy? Not ideologues - Men of Reason.
These Men of Reason also promise that the actual healthcare program will work brilliantly. It’s not just a website.
Right now, though, there’s a little problem with another government health care program called the Veterans Administration.
This program is a bit different because Obamacare is not yet a fully governmental program.
The problem? Over 411,000 patients’ compensation claims are tied up in a backlog that goes back six months.
Just wait until you make Obamacare claims.
The President thinks ideology is an abomination. Millions are unemployed, the economy is stagnant and our debt is 76 percent of GDP.
It is ideology that has created this ObamaNation.
Rick Jensen is Delaware’s Award-Winning Conservative Talk Show Host on 1150AM WDEL and 93.7FM HD3, Streaming live on WDEL.Com from 1pm - 4pm EST. Contact Rick at, or follow him on Twitter@JensenVoiceover.