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Krazy kostumes komfort kiddies
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Perhaps a kindergartner needs to have his dad wait with him and wave bye-bye as he steps onto the school bus in the morning, but Rain Price is a 10th-grader in American Fork, Utah, and his dad, Dale Price, nevertheless waves from the bus stop every morning, right in front of Rain’s friends.
Furthermore, according to a June report by KSL-TV in Salt Lake City, Dale makes it a point to be wearing a different, “crazy” costume every morning.
That’s 170 in all for the school year, including, once, a wedding dress.
45 seems a little
old for stupid
gang activity
Alleged gang members Barbara Lee, 45, and Marco Ibanez, 19, were arrested in Hallandale Beach, Fla., and charged in the assault and stabbing of four deaf people. Lee was at the Ocean’s Eleven Lounge one evening when she saw several people in a group make hand signs that she interpreted as disrespecting her own gang’s signs, and, according to police, left to recruit Ibanez to come administer retribution.
Unknown to Lee or Ibanez, the group were deaf people using sign language and had no idea they were making “gang” signs.
It’s great to be
famous for something
In a report in the August 1993 Archives of Dermatology, a 39-year-old woman in Cleveland complaining of bad hair was reported to have the first adult case of “acquired uncombable hair,” which produces permanently coarse, tangled hair.
Her condition was attributed to a side-effect of a diuretic.
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