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Parity sought in the restroom
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I recently saw on the internet that Chinese women held an “Occupy the Men’s Bathroom.” They were protesting the one male to one female bathroom strategy.
Go girls! is all I can say. It just isn’t right to have one male privy to one female.
Apparently that strategy, which is apparently consistent across the world,was implemented years ago when one gender was in charge.
We all know that it takes longer for women than men to use the facilities. I truly believe men are blessed by nature this way. I’d give a lot not to have to sit in the airport facilities or major event facilities where the men pop in and out with no wait while the womens’ line crosses the hall, snakes down the stairs, and ends up near the entrance.
It all takes bunches more time per woman. At the risk of tmi, it is just basic biology. Plus, women often have a young baby or toddlers, or as the Bible says, are “large with child.”
Since said child is sitting on one’s bladder, frequent trips to the room listed above are a given.
In my entire life, I have only once seen the mens’ line linger longer than the womens’. It was in Mexico about five years ago where a two to one ratio was set up for use of the outhouses to benefit the women.
It worked.
The men griped and complained about their 30 second wait. We women gloated secretly. “For once” we all said.
The internet story had a lot of comments based, of course, on gender lines.
The men claimed it is because we dawdle.
I can assure you, if there are 50 women in line, I am racing in and out as fast as possible and doing my best not to drink anything at the event.
Everyone has brilliant ideas on hovering, yadda, yadda, yadda. Still yucky is all I have to say.
Where I grew up, Salida, Colo., the high school had a no-sit girls’. That involved a lot of hovering and after pulling the clothes off the floor, I still don’t know if even that was worth it. It even proved difficult for a svelte teen who walked to and from school each day.
I once visited a castle in Budapest, Hungary in 1983. The “pisseur,” which I promise was the word on the door, was a hole with two foot pads. I was too afraid to use it nor did I ever use one of those bidet things.
I looked up pisseur on the Internet to be sure I knew what I was talking about.
It claims it means a “writer that turns out rubbish”. So wrong.
I’d organize an “Occupy the Men’s Bathroom” here, but I don’t care to ever to step in one. They are super icky what with misses and near misses.
Sigmund Freud proposed that girls have male private part envy and all sorts of oedipus complexes and stuff. Sorry boys, but the only time I’m envious of that is when I’m standing in line to sit.
(Karen Lapierre is a reporter for the Great Bend Tribune. Her e-mail address is