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That inactivity will kill you
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HOLLYWOOD - God bless America, and how’s everybody?
Miss New York Nina Davulurli was crowned Miss America Sunday, becoming the first Asian Indian to win. Her interview had everyone riveted. She urged Americans to turn off their computers for five minutes, and then turn them back on, and see if that helps.
The Journal Lancet published a medical study Tuesday saying regular exercise could add nine years to a man’s life, however that inactivity can kill you. That just doesn’t sound right. If inactivity killed you, the floor of the U.S. Senate would be littered with bodies.
President Obama in his speech Monday warned Congress he will not negotiate over the debt ceiling. The public mood is ugly. Twenty percent of Americans favor sending U.S. troops to Syria but eighty percent of Americans favor sending the U.S. Congress to Syria.
NFL scouts predicted a big future for Johnny Manziel in the NFL Tuesday. They saw computer projections based on past performances. Last year he passed the Texas field sobriety test in four seconds, and players like that come along maybe once in a generation.
Britney Spears signed a $30 million deal to perform at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas every other weekend for two years. Her family may be set for life. Britney’s ex-husband Kevin Federline has his own rap label now and he works under the name La Z.
Kim Kardashian dumped her family’s longtime Beverly Hills publicist Monday so she could have her own separate publicist. Let’s face it, the girl’s never been shy. Last week a paparazzi photographer in Los Angeles won a restraining order against Kim Kardashian.
Grand Theft Auto V was slammed by critics for speed, violence, and treating women badly. It’s worth it. It’s fun to remind the Russians that our drone operators are trained from childhood to track down chemical weapons sites, obliterate them and win free games.
Mad Men producers announced in Hollywood Monday they will split Mad Men’s final season like Breaking Bad. Mad Men’s 12 show final season will be split in two parts over two TV seasons. Staying true to the show’s era, the seasons will be separate but equal.
President Obama said his stimulus program ignited economic recovery Monday. Not everyone agrees. A McDonald’s in Tulsa offers customers the Obama Special - you can order everything you want on the menu, and the next three people in line have to pay for it.
The Washington Post ripped President Obama for his perforamce in the Syrian crisis last week. Nothing’s breaking right for him. If Democrats had been right about the ozone, Vladimir Putin’s chest X-ray would look like a satellite photo of the Fukushima power plant.
The University of Central Florida suspended the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity for one year for serving alcohol at their party. My fraternity days taught me something that’s stayed true all my life. It is amazing what great poker hands you get when you play bridge.
Tropical Storm Manuel drenched Mexico’s west coast Monday and Hurricane Ingrid hit Mexico’s east coast. Disaster looms. This is a country whose cash reserves depend on the U.S. mail coming south getting through, and the cocaine going north not getting wet.
The National Dairy Council warned that milk prices may hit six dollars a gallon this fall. There’s so much demand for milk and so little Midwest land for cows. If you have two cows in California, the EPA won’t allow you to kill them or milk them, and if you have two cows in China the government fines you for having two unlicensed animals in an apartment.