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Couple expresses gratitude in Great Bend
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To the editor:

My husband and I were fortunate to be able to get both of our COVID vaccine shots recently at the Great Bend Expo grounds. As we drove up, officers from the sheriff’s department directed us to get in line or to go home as the vaccines were already targeted. The February car lines were five deep, and we were in the car for 2.5 hours. We were staying warm while the weather outside was freezing. Still the volunteers were cheerful and helpful and made sure our paperwork was in order.

In March I believe there were more vaccines, and the car lines were less and moved faster. The many nurses and volunteers inside the building were friendly and quick with the shots. While waiting in the exit line for the required 15 minutes the volunteers checked on our well-being. We were both amazed and thankful that the process went so smoothly.

The Barton County Health Department under the direction of Karen Winkelman and her competent staff are to be commended as well as Sheriff Brian Bellendir and his officers for making this vaccine process a success. The many volunteers made us feel well cared for. Thank you all for taking care of the citizens of this town and county. We are grateful!

Janice Walker

Great Bend