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The Democrat agenda exposed
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To the editor:

The corrupt agenda of the left and those behind them are playing out for all to see in headline after headline. The poverty, suffering, and utter failure of socialism is sadly on display in Venezuela with people hungry and fleeing a once-thriving economy.   

The so-called “tolerance” on the left is being exposed for the intolerance and the hate that it tries to hide, as Christian companies minding their own business are boycotted and taken to court because of their Christian principles in “one nation under God!!” There is so little “tolerance” even for Americans who wear a red hat or who support the president of the United States of America. Covington High School youth, having defended the rights of the pre-born, were waiting for a bus when they were first harassed by an African American group and then a Native American, and then piled upon by “journalists” and public figures. Even Jussie Smollett tried to use two Nigerians to fabricate a hate crime against Trump supporters. Need I go into the Republican Senators fired upon, all the death threats, attacks, and vulgarity directed at anyone who takes a stand for national security, for truth, or for the God-given rights of our pre-born babies to life and liberty?

The “women’s – empowerment” initiative is being exposed for the bankrupt and hypocritical fraud that it is, as transgenders move into women’s sports, bathrooms, and showers to take over. 

Public schools are being exposed for the failing, Islamic, homosexual, socialism indoctrination centers that they have become. 

The so-called “compassion” on the left has been exposed for what it is, as the left shows no compassion for the victims killed by illegal criminals in America, nor for the tens of thousands of Americans killed by the flow of drugs coming across our border, nor for babies being killed right up to birth and even after birth. Where is the compassion for precious babies being butchered and sold? The democrats did not even reach such hideous, barbaric heights during the days of slavery. 

The Russia hoax has been exposed for what it is, to the waste of taxpayer money. And now the Democrats are trying to make a “soap opera” out of something for which the transcript is available for all to read, in stark contrast to the closed-door meetings they are fond of. And this all the while they try to ignore the clear “quid pro quo” of Joe Biden on tape boasting about how he threatened to withhold foreign aid to Ukraine unless they fire the prosecutor investigating the company paying his son for something he had no experience in!! You want evidence? There it is! 

The civil rights hypocrisy of Lebron James has been exposed as he would not stand up to China in defense of the civil rights and liberty of the Hong Kong people. Apparently money matters to Lebron, not principle. 

And now Islam has been exposed for what it is. For a long time the left has tried to put a nice picture on Islam, especially Mr. Obama. Remember, it was Thomas Jefferson who printed the first Koran in America so that all Americans could see how ridiculous it is. But now the Washington Post has exposed the nature of Islam by labelling the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi an “austere Islamic scholar!” Scholar? In other words, if anyone should understand what the precepts of Islam are, then he should! There is no clearer picture of what Islam stands for than by his very life. 

Paul Leonard

Great Bend