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Democrats’ despicable behavior exposed
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To the editor:

The behavior of many of our Democratic leaders over the last four years has been despicable. They have reminded me of spoiled, privileged bullies on an eighth-grade playground.

First, they declared Donald Trump an illegitimate president and many boycotted his inauguration. In 2019, three years after she lost the election, Hillary Clinton dismissed President Trump as an illegitimate president suggesting that he stole the 2016 presidential election. Jimmy Carter did the same in an event held in June, 2019 and Joe Biden called Trump both an illegitimate president and a racist.  

Then, after the Democrats, the media, Never Trump Republicans, the outgoing Obama administration and a hoard of career bureaucrats failed to delegitimize Trump, they tried to destroy him.

The spying and collusion between the Obama/Biden administration and the FBI that took place during the campaign and continued after the election, the leaks of classified information and sham interviews proved successful in ousting Trump’s pick for national security advisor, Michael Flynn. 

Then, James Comey leaked a memo he wrote after a private meeting with the president to major media prompting the selection of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, who after two years and $30 million dollars of taxpayers’ money could find no wrong-doing. 

Not satisfied, they pushed a phony whistle blower that led to Trump’s impeachment. The Democrats behavior in the confirmation of Kavanaugh was a travesty, promoting a woman to lie about sexual abuse that could have destroyed the man, but they didn’t care. As shown in the current election, they will do anything to win.

They promoted and financed BLM and Antifa, condoning and encouraging mass violence and destruction of property in many Democratic controlled cities in America to try to prove that President Trump had lost control over the country.

It is meaningful to note that this violence has mostly stopped since the election and the celebrations following the announcement that Biden had won were peaceful. Do you think they would have been peaceful if Trump had won? You know better.

The Democrats have never supported anything President Trump has tried to accomplish. There has been gridlock, divisiveness, and downright hatred all the way down the line. Now, in spite of threats of blacklisting and re-education programs against Trump supporters by the left, which recalls memories of McCarthyism or the Soviet Union, Mr. Biden is asking to let bygones be bygones and all of us cooperate to help America heal. It is not likely that this will happen. Our Republican leaders have memories and I imagine that if the original election results stand, there will be four more years of extreme gridlock, a divided America and little progress.

I have lived through the inauguration of 14 different presidents; from FDR to Donald Trump. I would not say that Donald Trump is the best president I have ever seen, but he is certainly the strongest and what he has accomplished in the four years of his presidency with the tremendous opposition that he has faced is incredible. 

The most important things he has done, more than anyone in the history of America, is to expose the corruption of politics and the bias and tyranny of major media. 

So, even if the Democrats succeed in winning this presidential election, they have ultimately lost much more as they have destroyed themselves. They will never be the same. They are exposed and imploding.

The same is true of major media. People are leaving Facebook, Twitter and the recently revamped Fox News in record numbers.

Thank you, President Trump. Win or lose, you have done a tremendous service to the people of America.

Don McCullough