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Don’t believe out-of-state attacks on Bollier
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To the editor:

Have you wondered who is funding the awful TV ads during the news, and postcards in your mailbox telling you to call Roger Marshall and this month, attacking Barbara Bollier? Well, I did, so I checked into it and found out that “One Nation” and the “Senate Leadership Fund” are connected and have the sole purpose of maintaining control of the U.S. Senate.

“One Nation” is a 501(c) (4) tax exempt organization where large donors, both people and corporations, can donate without disclosing who they are or how much they give. It is used to buy ads to influence public opinion on issues and try to get us to contact policy makers. Their ads ran mostly during August.

The “Senate Leadership Fund,” another place for large donors, is run under the auspices of Mitch McConnell, again with the singular purpose of retaining Senate majority. Both “One Nation” and “Senate Leadership Fund” share the same office suite in Warrington, Va., so the dark money is coming from out–of-state, which is wrong in my opinion. We will also be hearing from “Americans for Prosperity,” aka Koch Industries, but at least they are in Kansas. Check it out for yourself.

Besides the annoyance of endless attack ads (currently against Bollier), there does not have to be any proof or evidence of the accusations. These ads include half-truths as well as flat-out lies to discredit a candidate and totally trash the reputation of a hard-working public servant. And these groups are not accountable to anyone for their deceptive efforts. McConnell’s “Senate Leadership Fund” is prepared to spend close to $10 million to defeat Bollier and get Marshall elected in any way possible. So brace yourself for seeing and hearing endless, ghastly, false attacks against Barbara Bollier in the days ahead.

We need a Senator who has had legislative experience, like Barbara Bollier who has worked for 11 years with Republicans on Kansas farm policy, so she understands agriculture needs. Also a doctor, Barbara has worked hard with others to support rural hospitals and expand rural health care. We need a Senator who listens, works well with others, and does not have a huge ego or political aspirations. Sometimes the “best man for a job” is a hard-working woman.

Dee Anne Grummon

Great Bend