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Don’t expect Biden to improve
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To the editor:

What can we expect from Biden’s race-based pick for the Supreme Court? Someone with the gravitas of Condoleezza Rice? Or a chest thumping radical in the vein of Maxine Waters, a woman barely capable of forming a sentient thought.

Biden’s leadership team is a reflection of himself – ineffective and malicious. Their greatest collective achievement is the most avoidable domestic and international decline the United States has ever faced!

As I speak a premeditated tsunami of fentanyl laced illegals is flooding across our southern border, resulting in a Biden administration induced slaughter by overdose. Not to mention a blue state crime wave created by creepy-left Soros-backed Democrats without a whimper from Joe.

When will the malfeasant Joe Biden and his Democrats put law-abiding Americans first?

As Russian troops mass on the Ukrainian border and Red China flies their grubby jackboots over Taiwanese air space, the dire consequences of a Biden election become manifest.

Don’t expect any new tricks from Uncle Joe because he’s been bought and paid for by the most radical elements the Democratic Party has to offer!

Gregory Bontrager