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Don’t help Democrats take the Senate
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To the editor:

To the approximate 1/3 of the Republicans in the Kansas House and the approximate 2/3 of the Republicans in the Kansas Senate and other Republicans who are supporting Barbara Bollier. What are you thinking? You say she is a uniter and you can trust her. Not once she gets to Washington. Chuck Schumar will have her voting the Democrats way. Just look at all the major bills and you see the Democrats vote as a block. The only thing uniting is the Democrats and the way they stick together when it comes to voting.

You asked the Republican people to support you in your election with their money and their time. What do you do? You throw them under the bus!

My crystal ball says that if the Democrats take the Senate and keep the House but Trump wins reelection the first thing they will do is impeach President Trump. If Joe Biden wins then they will stack the Supreme Court. I thought the Supreme Court was supposed to be non-partisan, at least that is the way it was when I took Constitution in high school. Of course, that is not what has been happening.

Republicans have nominated people who will interpret the law. The Democrats nominate people who will make law which means we the people have no say.

Also, the Democrats will make DC and Puerto Rico states for four Democrat Senators and we can say to our Republic, goodbye. It is all about power, not the people.

Don Siemsen