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Don’t make others pay for your flooded basement
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Dear editor,

I wanted to comment on the basement flooding in Great Bend. We moved to Great Bend 50 years ago and we didn’t buy a house with a basement because of the flooding. The thing I have a problem with is I don’t want to pay for your basement flooding. One thing we forget is that if the City has to pay out something that comes from taxes and the tax payers foot the bill.

I know this is going to make some people mad but I want to have a say in it. I’m sorry your having bad luck with your basement. I guess when my parents got flooded in 1981 we should have asked the city to foot the bill because they didn’t have a flood control project then. I think we all need to take responsibility for our own things.

Once again I’m sorry if I made some people mad. We need to stop depending on our governments whether local, state or national for these things. Remember if they pay out we all pay out.

Ed Sander

Great Bend