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Fed up with false attack ads
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To the editor:

I’m probably not the only person who is totally fed up with the awful TV and radio ads disparaging various candidates, and most recently against Barbara Bollier. Our factually-challenged White House occupant has shown from his inauguration that he is definitely no George Washington (Washington “could not tell a lie”).  He has shown that if a lie is repeated enough times or spoken strongly, some people will believe it, but that still does not make it a fact or the truth. Instead we have gotten a lot of “alternate facts,” aka lies. Mitch McConnell and other out-of-state PACs are trying to buy the Kansas Senate seat for Roger Marshall to the tune of over $20 million that they have spent to discredit Barbara.

First, they falsely distorted Barbara’s position on abortion. Abortion is not a good thing, but sadly, there are sometimes medical and humanitarian exceptions in cases such as rape, incest, or the unborn dies before term and evacuation is necessary for the health of the mother. Bollier believes that these terribly difficult and private decisions should be in the hands of a woman and her doctor, not prescribed by a bunch of men in a statehouse or congress. Even Marshall knows this, because he has had to deal with it for his patients, but you don’t see him being attacked. 

Then my intelligence is insulted by pictures of Bollier morphing into Nancy Pelosi and back again with false messages that somehow they are conspiring together to bring down our democracy. They are talking two different houses of congress, and I am stupid enough to fall for that? Even so, some people will believe. Then there are the lying ads accusing her of being soft on sex offenders, casting doubt on her integrity.

The latest false ads have Bollier, who is from a hunting family, supposedly going to take away everyone’s guns!! After working in surgeries in city hospitals, surely gun violence is up close to a doctor like Bollier. At the recent rally she explained plainly that when someone poses a danger to themselves or others, she supports their guns be removed until the dangerous issue is resolved and it can then be safely returned. That seems common sense to me. The Constitution makes it impossible for Bollier to do anything, so your hunting guns are safe! Those ads are simply not true. Countries that are not ruled by the gun culture are amazingly safer for sure, but that’s not our America.

Sadly, our Roger Marshall, who greatly admires our Liar-in-Chief, has adopted some of the Chief’s bad attitudes and habits, including outright falsehoods by his own campaign and his supporters who are funding outrageous TV and radio ads against Bollier. They are shameful. We need to return integrity, truth, and fairness to Washington D.C., but that’s not what we’ve been getting. Kansas can do better.

Let us not forget the late CKMC, major employer, and how it served this area for decades. It is no more, thanks largely to Marshall. We are left with a small, rural hospital, which Barbara Bollier has pledged to keep it and other small hospitals open, understanding their essential importance to rural Kansans. Kansas has had a good woman senator before, and now it’s time to send another. This Republican is voting to send Barbara Bollier! 

Dee Anne Grummon

Great Bend