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Follow the law for turning lanes
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Dear editor,

The recent letter to the editor about drivers not using headlights when it rains (“Turn on Lights When it Rains,” May 2) brings up another subject: westbound traffic on 10th Street just past the 10th Street Harrison intersection. People wanting to go to McDonald’s are breaking two laws. Not just city law but state law. There is no left-hand turn lane for westbound traffic to enter McDonald’s. The left-turn lane is for eastbound traffic only. Arrows for turning are for eastbound traffic. One law broken. Second law, you do not cross a double yellow line. If you are westbound on 10th, you have to cross a double yellow line.

Nothing is ever done about this but it needs to be addressed and fixed. I can’t believe a severe wreck has not happened at this traffic situation. I have had to slam on my brakes many times at this location because someone makes an illegal turn to get to McDonald’s. It needs to be fixed or change state laws. This is not just a street it is also a state and U.S. highway.

Brad McCune

Great Bend