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Get all of the facts before you vote
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Dear editor,

When you vote for the bond and raise your taxes, make sure that you have all the facts.

They compare the mill levy with other towns, to make you think that town has higher taxes than we do. That is not necessarily true. The valuation of the property is also a factor. The mill levy may be higher but because of the value they could still be paying less taxes.

Also consider that when the tax is voted in it does not mean the money will be spent on what you thought it would be. I remember a tax voted in to demolish Washington School, because it was unsafe. The building sat empty for awhile then was reopened and another fund was established to repair it. You get the tax, you do not get what it was approved for. The taxes don’t go away.

I also remember a sales tax being voted in for a highway project, we got the tax, but, didn’t get the highway. The tax did not go away. Also, consider the property owners are footing the bill. Since the renters outnumber the owners they have a better chance to get it voted in. But, consider when taxes go up, the owners will need to increase your rent. They cannot pay the complete tax burden alone. So even if you are not a property owner you will more likely be affected by the increase. A lot of property owners are older people. They have worked their entire lives for a home just to have a place to retire. To enjoy life.

But, instead are being saddled with a tax burden to furnish plush and extravagant wants of other people. Just a thought. Think before you act. Make sure what you vote for is really what you want, or is it what someone convinces you that you want.

I am not trying to tell you how to vote, I am just saying know all the facts. And vote your mind, not what someone else tries to tell you. A vote without knowledge is in most cases a vote for your opponent.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend