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This gets one reader's vote
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To the editor:

This gets my vote — when I see the fulfillment of our intended creation by living the Humane life while working for Justice and Mercy. That’s it!

To this end, I’m voting for those who give evidence of: 

“An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay” — this necessitates something like a $15 minimum wage. Anything below this threshold is cheating!

“The means justifies the end” — this necessitates a revitalization of unionism. Wealth earned on the backs of laborers is worthy of a compensation that measurers its importance to the activity produced.

“We are the wealthiest country in the world,” — this necessitates something like Universal Health Care, and put our elected officials on the same plan. We can pay for it by an appropriate tax on the supra-wealthy, and the savings from the paperwork no longer provided by doctors, hospitals, and the insurance industry. If necessary, I’ll pay an appropriate tax that is much less than the out-of-pocket “tax” I’m now paying. The insurance industry continues to do its thing in life, auto and home insurance sales. 

Are these things supported by Christian-Biblical values? Listen up, Christians. 

Jesus reminds us to care for the least, the lost, the last, and the lonely. 

The Early Church valued the lives of widows and orphans.

The Early Church fought against the values of its Religious and Political representatives. Jesus paid a price for such a fight. 

Do we need to do less?  

Pastor William Salmon

Great Bend