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Go Chiefs
We're excited about the Super Bowl
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The last time the Kansas City Chiefs were in the Super Bowl is a dim memory for some and, for many, it’s history that happened before they were born.

1970 — The year Apollo 13’s Moon landing was aborted but the craft and crew returned safely to Earth. The year of the first commercial Boeing 747 flight. The year the Beatles broke up.

We’re told that in 1970 a gallon of gas cost about 36 cents and a postage stamp cost 6 cents. And tickets to Super Bowl IV were available for $15. Today, the cheapest Super Bowl ticket costs $4,600 and the average price of a ticket is more than $8,200, according to TicketIQ. But listening to the game on the radio or watching it on TV is still free.

The Chiefs were also in the first Super Bowl, but lost to the Green Bay Packers, 35-10. Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson said a stinging comment from Packers Coach Vince Lombardi that the American Football League didn’t compare to the National Football League wasn’t forgotten. “That stuck with us until we had another opportunity to get back to a Super Bowl. That was a motivating factor for us to get a little better so that we could compete against the best.”

It’s been a long time getting back. We’ve come close, but we’re finally going to the Super Bowl again. The fans are excited and having fun.