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God sends an ominous warning
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To the editor:

As violent and destructive civil unrest unfold on our nation’s streets, it is important to understand that God Himself has warned of this very thing just a little over a year ago. It was a warning of serious magnitude, which I share below. Even before this, He warned of those (slick, professional agitators) who would “hijack” a protest for their own evil, greedy, selfish agenda, exposing their motives and message. This is not about George Floyd; otherwise these people would riot over all the African Americans killed on the streets of Chicago (by other African Americans), and in the abortion “murder clinics.”

MASS CHAOS:  February 25, 2019

Prayer alert:

I had a dream today. When I have a dream of this magnitude it is very serious. It was both an alert and a grave warning of a future event that can be averted, or at least minimized, if heeded. Before I go into what the Lord was showing me, earlier in the night, before the dream, the Lord had me get up and get a scissors! Interesting.


I was in another country; it was unidentified. There were some people mulling around outside of a government compound of some sort. It was ominous, like something was about to happen. At a signal, one crowd of people entered the compound and went one way. Government or security forces gave pursuit. Then another crowd entered apart from the first. Now there were two disturbances. Just like that there was MASS CHAOS. Guerrilla warfare! Now who could be behind something like this?!

I saw one person with a machete. Understanding the seriousness of the situation, how volatile it was, I rushed home on foot. The route was treacherous and difficult, but I did it. When I arrived, government forces also arrived. They came in. There was a young boy with them. I saw them cutting the boy’s shirt off (remember the scissors!). Why were they doing that? Then I saw it. The boy had a gash or wound, and they were going to doctor him up right there. It was like a war zone!!

Like earthquakes, I can measure dreams by their magnitude. This one was very high! Even though I was in another country (indeed New York is like another country!), I realize that the Lord can be indicating that what happens in other countries can happen here, or even the same scenario in multiple places. Definitely, the potential is high here. Since 2010 we have seen the left continually push the civil unrest/rioting button, using pretexts. And history teaches us that before genocide, hate is planted – Nazi Holocaust and Rwanda Genocide. It is irrational hate, just looking for an excuse. 

We see this GENOCIDAL HATRED being propagated by the left towards Trump and his supporters. To what extent will the left go to hold onto their agenda? There is great hate in Chicago and in D.C., for example, that can be exploited.

I believe that with prayer this scenario can be averted, or at least minimized. We see the tactic employed. We see the violence. We see the innocent, such as the boy, also wounded. Could Trump also be aware of this, which would explain why he is proceeding so cautiously? No one on the sidelines. Enough tragedies. Prayer is needed.

Paul Leonard

Great Bend