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Governor should help our Kansas veterans
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To Governor Laura Kelly:

Recently my husband died. He was a Navy Seal stationed in Vietnam for a year.

He spent his time in the jungles conducting missions at night where he was exposed to great quantities of Agent Orange. As a result, he contracted cancer which went into remission. He also contracted Diabetes type II which led to vascular dementia. When I no longer could keep him at home, I applied to both VA Care facilities numerous times.

He was rejected even though his condition was caused by the military. We were stonewalled at every turn including unreturned phone calls. I was forced to place him in a private care facility at great personal expense. The care was wonderful but I knew he would have been happier surrounded by mostly other male veteran patients.

So Governor, do your job. Make these state supported facilities available to any veteran who needs their help.

Anita Brantley, 

Wife of a dead Navy Seal

Scott City