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Hold Trump and his enablers accountable
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To the editor:

An opinion piece written by Joe Lockhart made an excellent point, on how we, the citizens can and should hold Trump accountable. A few ideas suggested by Lockhart include the following: “If you work at a company, belong to an organization or trade association or an institution of higher education, let your bosses know that you won’t tolerate paying Trump to come speak at events, conferences or any sort of engagement. Don’t wait until he’s booked; let them know in advance that he’s not welcome. If you are a lecture agency and take Trump on as a client, understand that your other clients will go elsewhere for representation. We all buy books from the major publishers. Let them know you will no longer buy their books if they sign Trump to a book deal. Tell your local officials to stay away from Trump. No renaming of airports, highways or public buildings. If they don’t listen, vote them out of office. Make sure the Trump Organization is not afforded any commencement speeches or honorary degrees from colleges and universities. If you work in the finance industry, tell your leadership they must say no to any requests for financing from the Trump Organization.”

I agree wholeheartedly with Lockhart and would simply add these same measures should be leveled at Trump enablers as well. Those individuals who never challenged the hateful, racist and divisive rhetoric of this President over the last four years should find themselves in a similar posture, as disgraced as President Trump. For far too long, a number of senators, representatives, and some media personalties, aided and abetted this criminal President. It is time they all paid the price for the attack on our democracy.

Lee Brunetti