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Inflation, Deflation
Charlie's Corner
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Inflation, deflation. No, this is not Economics 101. We will not be using the Bell Curve and doing some statistical analysis. No accounting, no spreadsheets. This is about footballs. DEFLATEGATE!
Do you ever get the feeling that maybe you’ve been had? That someone is “pulling one over” on you? I have that eerie feeling about this latest non-controversy cooked up by the NFL. We are told that someone-nobody knows who-let the air out of the footballs that the New England Patriots used in their blowout victory over the Indianapolis Colts. From what I saw, the game could have been played with flattened road kill for a football and the Colts still wouldn’t have won!
Think back to what the time between the Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl are like. Hype, hype and more hype.  Day after day of analysis by slick-haired wannabes and former players, most of it nonsensical. Even game day has turned into the world’s most boring event as we suffer through eight hours of pregame shows repeating everything that everyone else has already said. Boring. The public has become bored with the runup to the “big game”.
The National Football League is not unaware of this feeling of malaise that the American football fan has developed about the events we are fed ahead of the “big game”. Could it be that they needed something, anything, to inject some interest into this boring over-hyped week leading up to what often is a boring game? Thank heavens for Dorito Chips and guacamole at halftime!  AHA! DEFLATEGATE.
Before it is all over some schmuck that works in the bowels of New England’s stadium will probably take the fall for this and lose his job. It makes me wonder if he will be given a new identity and be relocated to retirement somewhere else in the world. Perhaps where they know football only as soccer!
Think about this: What in the world is the NFL doing letting each team use its’ own footballs? Why don’t they simply have game balls and both teams use the same balls? That’s what they used to do. Wouldn’t that prevent a controversy like this? That is, unless you didn’t want to prevent a controversy like this. We’ve all got to admit, the news in this week has been more entertaining, more “buzz worthy” than the usual Super Bowl pre-game hype.
P.T. Barnum once said: “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Just maybe someone in the NFL offices read that quote and said, “Hmmm. We need something to inject some interest in the news of this upcoming game.” Who would have thunk it to use a flat football? I am reminded of how a good magician works. While you are watching the flash and show, the magician is using slight of hand to do things you aren’t paying attention to. Gosh, maybe we’ve had our pockets picked!
Pay heed to the words of old Honest Abe, Abraham Lincoln. “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
By the way, the quarterback with the flat footballs is going to win. Patriots 34, Seahawks 31.