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Kali Barnett starts for decency
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To the editor:

Are you sick and tired of the bickering and grade school name calling that has become our “government” in Washington D.C.? My answer is yes, and I’ll bet yours is too.

We need to support and vote for Kali Barnett for U.S. Congress from the Big First. Kali stands for and believes in a return to civility and decency in government. As a teacher who grew up on a farm in western Kansas, Kali knows that how you act and what you say affects others and defines who you are. “Act so that your family would be proud and speak as if your classroom was listening.”

Kali’s opponent is just more of what is wrong with Washington. He has never been elected to such an office, but it seems he wants to slip right into the bickering and name calling. He did a hatchet job on his primary opponent and has sponsored ads referring to the opposing political party as a “mob.”

Where is the respect that political opponents once showed each other? Civility, decency and respect define Kali Barnett. These principles were instilled in her as she grew up on the farm and she passed them along in the classroom. Now Kali wants to return these values and conduct to government in Washington.

I invite you to join the support for Kali For Kansas. A vote for Kali is a vote for government the way it should be and once was. She will make you proud and will earn your vote every day.

John M. Lindner, Attorney at Law

Garden City