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Kansans grateful to Senator Marshall amid record inflation
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To the editor:

Kansans, like all Americans, are suffering from the effects of historic inflation. Getting to work, putting food on the table, and keeping the lights on costs more today than ever before and families like mine are struggling to make ends meet.

On top of this, Visa and Mastercard recently raised their swipe fees, which are charged to businesses every time a customer swipes a credit card. Because swipe fees are based off of a percentage of transaction totals and the cost of everyday goods and services are now at a record-high, businesses are paying an exorbitant amount of money to these credit card companies and issuing banks. Given the lack of competition in the payments marketplace, with Visa and Mastercard controlling over three-fourths of the market, they will continue to raise these fees – and prices.

Thankfully, Sen. Roger Marshall has taken notice. He recently sent a letter to the CEOs of Visa and Mastercard urging them to halt their plans to raise swipe fees. While this letter was to no avail and swipe fees did indeed rise again, I am optimistic Sen. Marshall will continue to fight for Kansans and work to reduce our mounting financial burdens.

David Lindstrom