County approves settlement with Boxberger, Lehmkuhl
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Kansas Reflector has ideological agenda
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To the editor:

Kansas Reflectors Opinions: I find it interesting that at the end of every article they submit to your paper there’s the mention that their goal is to “amplify the voices of people who are affected by public policies or excluded from public debate.” That is certainly a noble cause! But at the same time, they talk about amplifying peoples voices, they try to shut down the voices of people who are concerned about what’s allowed into our public-school libraries, and the effects of abortion on some women. When he was asking for proof of abortion survivors, someone alerted the Reflector’s opinion editor to an abortion survivors’ website, and all he did was cry that that wasn’t good enough for him! He got what he asked for, but he just wanted to silence the voice who gave him an answer!

He talked about “The lost art of compromise” but refuses to listen to others’ views. The Kansas Reflector newspaper, in my humble opinion is just an arm of the very idealogues who want to do away with traditional family values and try to teach our children that those values are wrong. Don’t be fooled by their virtue signaling, saying they are for the unheard voices! They are for their own agenda and it’s not good for the family (Whose voices are Not being heard!) Thanks for listening.

Jim Lee Hulsey