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Keep Kansas a free state; vote ‘no’
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To the editor:

Our Kansas Constitution was written in 1859, as a prelude to the Civil War. The controversy of being a free or slave state was on everyone’s mind. The framers of the Kansas Constitution most likely meant what our Kansas Supreme Court meant it to be. Why our current Legislature seems to think that unelected officials should not have a say in our laws but accept their national decisions is hypocrisy.  

Apparently, our constitution is too inconvenient for the legislators to follow. This is highlighted by the fact that the vote is on a primary in August rather than a general election in November. 

HB 2746, introduced by Trevor Jacobs, R, from Fort Scott, criminalizes all abortions and makes them felonies. It does have exceptions for ectopic pregnancies; however, the abortion my wife had at 13 weeks, when her placenta detached, and she hemorrhaged, which endangered her life, and an abortion had to be performed to save her life, would be considered a felony. The level of felony is the same as murder. 

The state of our current Legislature makes me wonder if we won or lost the Civil War, because it seems we want to take away the rights of half of the people in our state. It is not lost on me that most of the states that want these draconian bans are former slave states. 

We were a free state. Do we want to abandon that proud heritage? Let’s remain a free state! Vote “no.”

Anthony Miller