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Legislators should oppose ‘Build Back Better’ plan
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To the editor,

I believe that if the multi-trillion “Build Back Better” bill is passed, America, as we know it, will be destroyed. I thank Senator Joe Manchin for having the courage to stand up to the liberal bullies to block this bill. He may go down in history as a national hero. Thank you, Senator Manchin.

I would also like to share a letter I have written to Senators Moran and Marshall.

Please oppose the following liberal agenda items:

1. Immigration: open borders.

2. Restrictive mandates that inhibit oil and gas production; infrastructure and electrical grid repair; and the flow of goods across the country.

3. The Build Back Better bill. Parts of this bill may be positive, but they should be presented separately, excluding all of the liberal pork.

4. Irresponsible government spending.

5. Amnesty for illegal aliens leading to:

6. Unfair or illegal voting practices.

7. Corruption in the federal government.

8. Wokeness, Critical Race Theory, gender manipulation, ensuring that none of these subjects are taught in our educational institutions.

9. BLM, Antifa and violence in our cities.

Conversely, please vigorously support:

1. An annual balanced budget.

2. Control of health care, particularly pharmaceutical prices.

3. A logical long-range plan to promote the use of electrical vehicles and green energy sources.

4. Diplomacy to bring other countries abusing the release of greenhouse gases in line.

5. Political reform including term limits, age limits; control of insider trading, lobbying and campaign donations.

There are many other problems in our government, but these constitute an excellent starting point.

Don McCullough