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Let's fight for GPS Kids Club
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Dear editor,

It is incomprehensible that the GPS Kids Club is facing a shutdown due to the requirement of a $42,136.76 fire alarm system. It is an egregious over-reach by a government agency. I suspect a fire alarm system could be built or created by the very folks threatening this shutdown for a fraction of that cost. 

I hope every citizen will join force to resist this travesty. These government agencies should be helping people find reasonable cost-efficient ways to meet these over-reaching requirements. The County Commissioners should examine this issue and I certainly hope Representative Arnberger and Senator Taylor will intercede with some sensible rule changes or policy to correct this situation. I am eager to see their response.  Government should be helping people who are providing a valuable service like this and not be trying to put them out of business. I don’t get it, and it seems extremely rude to not let our people take care of themselves. $42,000 for a fire alarm system is an outrage and should embarrass these folks. Help this organization fix this mess! Do it for our kids!

Dr. Dan Witt