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A letter to Chuck
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Dear Chuck;
First of all Chuck promise me you will not read this with your journalistic eye for correctness as you will find many places to use your red pen I am sure. I can’t believe it Chuck. I really can’t. You never got to finish your book, and Mike and I were promised at least a mention in the book and a share of the profits. Do you remember?
We have known each other for pretty much our entire lives, and our families have always been close, but these last ten years or so I came to know you in a way I will never forget. Our shared experiences in the Church, our in-depth conversations of all kinds of topics, our weekly coffee breaks on Main Street with Mike and Dale, your prayers, and your friendship.
You were unique Chuck, you possessed the ability to be very deep and very Spiritual without being “Religious”. You would listen to my ideas about things without judging or trying to tell me what was really the right thing to believe. You were a great friend and I hope that continues, although I have no idea how that works.
Chuck I know you are ok, because where you are is the definition of perfection, and given that, it removes the possibility of pain and unhappiness. I will miss you terribly, your wit, your wisdom, your ability to shine light on the truth, your compassion, your sense of humor, and your friendship. You were so good to take all the ribbing that Mike, Dale and I would heap on you. We knew we were safe that you would not exercise your intelligence to make us feel silly.
So Chuck, the words “Well done Good and Faithful Servant” makes me think of you. I will be looking forward to seeing you in the future. Thank you for everything, the memories, the friendship, the life lessons, the leadership, the laughs and the love.
In the movie Saving Private Ryan, at the end of the movie Private Ryan brings his family to the place that many of his friends were buried overseas, and he asks his family “Please tell me I have lived a good life.”  Chuck Smith I am telling you that you have lived a good life, and I am a better person having been given a part of your life.
Thank you Chuck for everything.  
Xenophon Phillip Smith