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Adopt, don't shop
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Dear Editor,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have helped support my Adopt/Rescue program through Golden Belt Humane Society. We have had so many generously donate their hard earned money to help get these animals vaccinated for our Adopt-A-Pet Day. It has also helped get them ready to go to rescues by vaccinating them and by doing a spay/neuter, along with providing money for the dogs that I have placed in foster homes. I have a rescue that has graciously accepted to take eight of the shelter dogs into their rescue in Iowa. I have transport being set up to get them there, but we need funds to get these dogs ready to go along with purchasing or finding crates for them to travel in. If you would like to donate and help with this rescue please send a donation to Countryside Vet or to me, made out to Golden Belt Humane Society Adopt/Rescue Program. We are also in need of used crates, different sized collars (all dogs must have collars when sent to rescues)and leashes. This program has helped to save precious lives I have sent over ten dogs to rescues in one month alone, and am getting ready to send ten more within the next two to three weeks. That is 20 dogs sent to rescues within two months, compared with a total of three sent all of last year before this program was started. This would not have been possible without the donations and support of the community. Thank you!! I hope to your support and donations to keep this wonderful program going.
We are also in need of people who would like to temporarily foster a dog until they are adopted out. Sometimes, these animals need a little TLC to get them ready to go. Some are so scared in the shelter they stay at the back of the kennel and shake, sometimes even “fear biting”. When taken out of that environment, many can be turned around and helped to become wonderful companions. I have many who have volunteered to help with this process, and we can always use more!
Another issue I would like to address is getting a new pet. Spring is near, and that means many litters will be popping up. PLEASE do not support back yard breeders, puppy mills or retail pet stores who sell animals. A back yard breeder and puppy mills are breeders who are only in it for the money, and do not care where the dogs wind up. Puppy mill dogs are mass produced. The poor females are bred over and over and over and are kept only for the sole purpose of producing puppies. They are kept in cages and many never step foot on grass. Unfortunately, many will wind up in the shelter with us trying to adopt them out or getting them to rescue because the breeder could not get rid of the pups, or gave one to someone who changed their mind. A reputable breeder only has litters once in a while, and breeds to improve the breed. They do health tests on their animals to insure they are healthy, this is not a “vet check”, these are actual tests done. These dogs are more expensive, but you know they are healthy animals and these breeders require home visits, references, etc. prior to accepting your application. When you buy a pet from a pet store, they do not ask about where the dog will be going, they just accept your money and the pup is given to you. PLEASE adopt, find a rescue or reputable breeder instead of supporting people only looking to make a buck.
There are many breed specific rescues that would be more than willing to help you find the breed you want. These have been saved from shelters, puppy mills, abusive situations and more, hence the word “rescue”. So please, before you cave in to that cute litter of puppies in the paper...ADOPT, DON’T SHOP!
RaShann Southard
Volunteer Rescue and Transportation Coordinator, Group Home Shelter